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Basic Strategy for Soft Hands by Blackjack Doc dealer to: Stand Stand on soft 18 against the dealer's 2-8. This is the best moment not to risk anything as you can assume the dealer has 10 in the hole, his hand will be strong. Therefore, do not take the risk. vs dealer or or: Hit Hit a soft 18 only if dealer has 9, 10 or an Ace. Blackjack Myths -

The Casino (ENHC) that I visit has a good rule – if the player splits or doubles & the dealer gets Blackjack, the player only loses the 1st bet, so this will change the Basic Strategy a little. I’m guessing that in this case I should double a hard 10 against dealers 10, but not sure about splitting Aces against a dealers Ace? Insurance in Blackjack - Just Say No! - Wizard of Odds Michael Shackleford: Hi guys, this is Mike and the purpose of today's Wizard of Odds Academy lesson will be to explain why you should never take insurance in Blackjack. What insurance is, is a side bet that the dealer has a 10 point card in the hole. It is offered when the dealer already has an ace ... Blackjack - Basic Strategy (Specific Hands) - Wizard of Odds

Basic Strategy for Soft Hands by Blackjack Doc

What are these BlackJack techniques in the first place? I’m not much of a gambler myself, and if you’re notWhen you start out take your money and split it into two separate piles. For instance, assume you bringLet’s say the dealer has a 10 and I have a 16. I end up pulling a 5 and making 21, now... Assume The Dealer Has A 10 In The Hole Blackjack is unlike any other game in a casino. For some reason, players are always willing to offer advice. There’s no other game where a new playerMore importantly, approximate 70% of the cards in a deck are not a 10. The dealer’s hole card may seem like it’s always 10 but mathematically, that... Blackjack Cheats - How Dealers & Players Cheat at …

16/52 is the same as 30.77%, so there’s a close to 1 in 3 chance that the dealer has a 10 in the hole. That’s a far sight from 50% or even 51%. You can come close to making correct basic strategy decisions by assuming the dealer has a 10 in the hole, but you’ll still make some mistakes.

HIT if dealer has 10 or A, else DOUBLE DOWN.They have also introduced side bets, optional bets that can win even when the main hand loses!New Blackjack players often think that the object of the game is to get a points total as close to twenty one as possible. Black Jack ASSUS | Dealer hits soft 17 The dealer has to take hits until his or her cards total 17 or more points.Since the 1960s, blackjack has been a high-profile target of advantage players, particularly card counters, who track the profile of cards that have been dealt and adapt theirHowever, usually all 10-value cards are treated the same. American Blackjack - Play Online Blackjack at 777 American Blackjack features 6 decks of cards. You are tasked with beating the dealer’s hand total without going bust. Enjoy American Blackjack at 777! USA Online Blackjack NewsPlay Smart Blackjack - USA Blackjack

American Blackjack - Play Online Blackjack at 777

Jack, King, Queen have value of 10, therefore two different face cards are considered to be acceptable for splitting. This rule also applies if you have a face card and a Ten.If the Dealer does not have Blackjack, the Stand, Hit and Double buttons become available to proceed with the game.

Basic Blackjack Strategy For Hard Totals. If you have a hard total of 8 or less: Always hit. If you have a hard total of 9: Hit if the dealer has an up card of 2,7,8,9,10 or Ace. If the dealer has a 3,4,5 or 6 then double down if you are allowed to do so, otherwise hit. If you have a hard total of 10: Hit if the dealer has a 10 …

What is insurance in blackjack? | Yahoo Answers Let's assume that the dealer has an Ace up, and you decide to take insurance for the full amount, or $5. Now, two things can happen: 1) The dealer has a Blackjack. I tie with the $10, but collect 2:1 on the $5 insurance bet for a total profit of $10. 2) The dealer does not have Blackjack. I lose the $5, but collect $15 for my BJ.

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