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Changing payout? - {stop the first time you see a “7” in the Coins-In display} Set your hopper and credit limits as follows: Note: To set these values, turn the jackpot reset key to change the selected (flashing) digit. Press the spin button to increment the flashing digit. [7-1] 0000 Maximum number of credits that will actually cash out from your hopper. New owner questions - **Reel Slots** Gaming Machines » IGT S and S-plus Reel Games (Moderators: slots4home, Shaggy) » New owner questions; NLG Site Navigation Menu Bill Acceptor not working - New Life Games

Anyway, I'm getting ready to dig back into this Haywire machine I picked up a while back.The current state of the machine: dead. From what i can remember, I've checked the power supply, the 6-pin connection, and the door optics is whereI left...

I finally got my Keychip 22 thanks to the help of members on this forum and it works great. I can access my settings but there are two things I haven't been able to figure out. IGT PE and PE Plus Poker Games - New Life Games LLC IGT PE and PE Plus Poker Games. ... IGT Player's Edge Plus (PE+) Regular, Superboard, and Wingboard pictures. Started by knagl .... Cash Out Button. MASTERCOM 250 Installation Apr 8, 1998 ... employee at the slot machine and SDS, information that your Casino. Management ... The lid, with the MC250 board attached, slides out easily .... Cash Box. 18. Ground. 21 .... Attach one end of an EPI cable with two ferrites (p/n 205293) to the ... The SILC2 is required between the MC250 and IGT S+ and. IGT AVP - New Life Games LLC

First off hope I am in the right place. I was recently talked into looking at non-working slot machine. I believe it is a 1996 IGT Dazzling Diamond. When you plug in the machine it goes thru some boot up, reels spin, makes noise then stops.

How to set BV or bill acceptor to credit pay only? •[7-1] 0000 Maximum number of credits that will actually cash out from your hopper. Zero effectively disables the hopper, but you can use a low number to match the number of coins that you have, if you wish. If you have more credits than the value set here on the meter, pressing cash out will become a hand pay that is cleared with the key. IGT Model B4933CW double diamond (1994) from Trump ... - News: For short term you could clear your machine, set it up again with a high credit limit on hopper and pull the cash out button switch so no accidentally cashing out and hope you don't hit a big win that exceeds the credit limit (if under $1200 {or the hopper limit} the game would start to try and pay from hopper) Bally 6000 error code 88FF - News: Hello all, finally getting ready to move all my machines to the new game room. Powered up the bally and got 88ff. Anyone know where I can get the clear chips from? Also it's been sitting for a while but had been plugged in, so if I if the battery is dead? I don't even know where the battery is on this thing.

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Reel Slots** Gaming Machines > IGT S and S-plus Reel … IGT S+ Slant Top.You can then browse through the IGT S+ Game bible and look up your chip number to see what theme it is or look to buy the appropriate theme you want. Igt s+ slot machine 7 digit mini photon progressive... Plugs into existing harness in top of machine-same harness as the candle. Being sold in used condition "as is". Removed from working IGT S+ machine. IGT S2000 Slot Machines - Working - $200 and up | Forum IGT S2000 slots .. we will test the machines to make sure the board and bill acceptor are working. You get to clean and take care of any minor issues. 1 - 4 machines is $250 each 5 + machines is $200 each. IGT S+ "ST" Tournament Chip List | Forum

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You use the term reset that the same as the white "self test" button? What I'm going to try and do is set the slot to pay in credits and maybe take quarters and bills as credits (and then kick out quarters only when you hit the "cash out" button) BTW, do you know of a way to load credits on the slot without inserting coins or bills? S+ Credit Issue - News: We service and repair all types of slot machines. Mills, Jennings, Bally EM, 1000/2000 series, Proslot, 6000. IGT M, M+ ,S, S+, S-2000, I-Game, Universal, Video Poker, Sigma, Bally Alpha's , Williams-550, DOTS, BBU I don't have a WEB SITE, HOWEVER, I have hundreds of parts and reel strips and glass. If you need something, call or send me a pm.

2018-4-18 · The Winner Paid window is indicating that the last win (whatever is showing on the reels) paid 20 coins, and then someone hit the "Cash Out" button and it paid out 50 coins (the win of 20 plus 30 credits that were already on the machine). The flashing number in the coins in is indicating that the machine had been powered off and is now back on. What settings (Dip or Program) for pay to credits only? 2014-11-28 · It seems like I did try 5-0 on my machine with the hopper limit set to some number but I may not have. We've got the machine up to 778 credits on the meter so when I play those out, I'll give it a shot. My cash/credit button appears to be inoperative because it … Another new person to slots....igt s+ double diamond 2017-12-28 · Another new person to slots....igt s+ double diamond, stuck in idle door open Home Please take the time to fill out all of your profile information. ... New Life Games LLC » **Reel Slots** Gaming Machines » IGT S and S-plus Reel Games (Moderators: slots4home, Shaggy) » Another new person to slots....igt s+ double diamond, stuck in idle ... IGT S and S-plus Reel Games