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The machine is useless now, both for the player and operator, but Bioware doesn't know this because they aren't making money off the spins, only on the purchase to get the machine from the cartel pack. The argument that it is gambling/a slot machine and you are meant to lose money is nonsense; it is a business. Any casino that stocked their ... The Contraband Slot Machine - swtor.com The Contraband Slot Machine STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > General Discussion The Contraband Slot Machine Reply First BioWare Post.

Under this admittedly hypothetical scenario, we have a situation where the Cartel Slot Machine is a totally new item that has pretty high drop rates for three things: (1) Cartel Rep, (2) Jawa Mats, (3) Cartel Certs. And post-nerf, we have a situation where the Cartel Slot Machine is only useful for one thing: (1) Cartel Rep. Swtor 1c Slot Machine - tamandarussalambekasi.com Guides THE PURPLE SLOTSImages for contraband cartel slot machine SWTOR: 100 Aug Slot Comps - YouTube. Slot Vockice Sa Kerovima. Nightlife PacksPrice Levels 3.0.2a Mined (RIP Slot Machine) List Of Slot Machines At Woodbine Taris (Empire)Easter Eggs . Letzte BeiträgeSite News; Credits verdienen – Teil 3: Kalkulation MK-10-Kits31 May 2014 .. Contraband Slot Machine Decoration | SWTOR Strongholds If you're looking to get a Contraband Slot Machine, the easiest way to get it is to head to the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) in SWTOR and buy it with credits from another player. If it's very rare and not available on the Cartel Market, you could try buying from the GTN and hope you get it.

And also from a few contraband cartel packs that aren’t even offered any more in the Cartel Market store. The drop rate for either is apparently so poor, that this Contraband Slot Machine decoration is not even used in many a stronghold these days and despised by both players and developers alike for the agony and anguish of owning one.

Swtor 1c Slot Machine - tamandarussalambekasi.com 28 Jun 2012 .. The system of adding augment slots to gear in SWTOR underwent a radical .. To get an augmentation slot component, all you have to do is .. TOR Decorating | Contraband Slot MachineImages for contraband cartel slot machine prizes; Related Posts; Trucos De Texas Holdem Poker. 16 Dec 2012 .. The Slot Machine on the Guild Flagship is Bugged. | The ... I had recently posted about Arminus’ winning streak on the Contraband Slot machines a few days ago. It was actually before patch 3.0.2 which altered the drop rate of the items from the slot machine. Patch 3.0.2 not only altered the drop rate, but increased the cost for Contraband Cartel Chips so as anyone else would do, I stocked on hundreds. SWTOR: How Do I Get Cartel Market Certificates? – Anne Plays ... Try your luck on a slot machine. The slot machine stronghold decorations (not the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event machines) still drop cartel market certificates, but the rate is incredibly low following a nerf to the drop rate. Your other option is to buy and open old packs. How to get Cartel Certificates | SWTOR Strongholds

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TOR Fashion's SWTOR Referral Link Contraband Slot Machine Acolyte's Shadow Pack , Cantina/Casino , Cartel Market , Decorations , Floor Medium , Floor Medium Narrow , Gold , Interactive , Slot Machines , Tools , Utility Wow! Contraband Cartel Slot Machine Walker Drop! : swtor Star Wars™: The Old Republic, a story-driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy... Experiment: What rewards to expect from Contraband Cartel ... Welcome to Reddit, First things first, this is the item at hand, and the previously mentioned Chips for the machine can be bought from this vendor. Without much babbling, here are the results of using 1000 Contraband Cartel Chips: *Chip refunds: 23.9% (239) *Banned Holovids (Green Reputation item): 20.7%...

Contraband Slot Machine: 275Mill ?? :-) : swtor - reddit.com

Contraband Slot Machine utility SWTOR Galactic Strongholds (GSH) decoration in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Contraband Slot Machine Decoration | SWTOR Strongholds

SWTOR Republic Datacrons SLOT DECODER CARD obtained when you get the previous +3The Contraband Slot Machine Hey folks, We know that there have been many questions about theIf that is in fact the case, then why affect the drop rates? I have one, which is pretty much the only way...

Feb 07, 2015 · The Contraband Slot Machine GTN to google, so can you check the back of your card and tell us what else Carl and Fred had to say about feudalism in swtor? Probably nothing, troll. ... I'd be happy to see the drop rate of artifact mats from crew missions go up. Contraband Slot Machine: 275Mill ?? :-) : swtor - reddit.com Last I checked it was selling in the 10 to 15 million range. I guess when there's only one listing, people list it for ridiculous prices. Some people try to farm Cartel Certificates from it, I believe the drop rate is one certificate per 3 to 4 million credits. The Contraband Slot Machine - swtor.com

Would you like FREE STUFF IN SWTOR: For a FREE 7 day subscription period and Character transfer+other unlocks- Use my SWTOR Referral Link: http://www.swtor.c... SWTOR: Contraband Slot Machine, Nerfed - YouTube The Contraband Slot Machine has been nerfed beyond all reason. When they first came out this item gave out all kinds of prizes...but people whined and so the Contraband Slot Machine got runover ...